About Us

Established in 2003, Burma Plant Hire (Pty) Ltd has proven to be one of South Africa’s most reputable and reliable plant hire companies. Driven by determination and uncompromising commitment to provide service excellence, Burma has succeeded in laying down a solid foundation based on consistent quality, efficiency and expertise.

The respected reputation we’ve gained within the plant hire, construction, civil and mining industries is something we truly value and will continue to uphold. In July 2011 Burma Plant Hire joined forces with the Raubex Group, a construction company focused on infrastructure development and operating across all nine provinces.

Through continuous hard work and dedication we proudly boast the largest earthmoving plant hire fleet in the Western Cape. Our services soon spread to surrounding areas in the Eastern and Northern Cape where we maintain our high level of service. Our long-standing, qualified and experienced teams are committed to offer expert advice, sound service and support your project from start to finish, whether big or small.



To offer top quality service and be the most efficient and reliable equipment and plant hire company in South Africa.


At Burma Plant Hire we ensure all clients’ needs are met, and that the highest level of personal service is maintained.

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Our professional, experienced and qualified staff members are a great asset to our company and are beneficial contributors to our success.

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Burma Plant Hire is committed to a quality management system that delivers since 2003.

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Burma Plant Hire ensures all environmental legislation and regulation is adhered to.

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Burma Plant Hire complies with the applicable occupational health and safety legislation.

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Onsite Operator Training

Burma's Mobile Training Unit

We have introduced a mobile training vehicle to our fleet that can travel from site to site. The onsite training vehicle functions as a mobile training facility that is used to update and refresh training for onsite operators. This is a very practical and useful facility for Burma Plant Hire since each of our operators needs to refresh their training every two years. The benefits of this fully kitted van, which is manned by a training assessor, are multiple.

The advantage of using the mobile system is that we no longer need to bring operators into the main branch for training. Instead, our course assessor travels to the staff members out in the field. Our ground staff members therefore no longer have to take time off from work to travel, or undergo a lengthy and tiring journey. Instead we have only one personnel member traveling to site who is able to assist a number of operators at one time. This also cuts down on the costs of transporting staff between sites and head office.

The mobile training van is fitted with a projector, plug points and a table with three stools that are mounted on the ground of the car. All safety information is clearly displayed. There is access to internet and soon there will be a WiFi hotspot installed that will provide permanent connectivity in and around the van. The unit is completely covered so that come rain or shine, training and testing are both possible. The assessor can perform both theoretical and practical tests in the van.

The certificates issued by the assessor are currently issued and processed by Culmen on behalf of Burma. Burma will soon be able to issue certificates ourselves. We are in the process of registering with the South African Qualifications authority and the Department of Labour.

We are thrilled to be able to provide our staff with an onsite training facility which means they can refresh their qualifications without having to travel away from their work, home and families for extended periods of time to perform their assessments.

The system also allows us to ensure that there are no operators working without valid licenses and we can regulate and monitor all the staff in an efficient and constructive manner. We can also eliminate fraudulent certificates as we process the certificates ourselves through Culmen (and soon on our own). In addition we can moderate documentation as needed on the spot so that there is no lengthy waiting period for valid certification documentation.

Whilst onsite we can also check the machines and make sure all the parts, specs and so forth are all up to date.

We are hoping the new facility will maximise efficiency and streamline systems to move our business forward.



A group of individuals, half of whom were previously unemployed, recently joined our Operator Leaner Program. They are currently doing their one-year NQF level 1 course. The course, which is funded by Burma Plant Hire, covers all general work in the construction industry. Once completed, they will be qualified skilled workers. The goal of the sponsorship is to promote job creation and qualify people for the construction trade.