The team behind the team


We often don’t see the teams behind the team. We watch sport and see the players but seldom give thought to the teams behind team who help make all the success and achievement possible.

At Burma Plant Hire, getting machines to sites on time and in the best working order is something we take very seriously. That’s why we have a dedicated team to ensure that your machine is loaded and delivered professionally to your site, in the shortest time possible and in the best condition – ready to work. It is this team that is not always seen, but their contribution is always felt.

Jaco Nel and Lameeze Marthinus are at the helm of our team who manage the logistics at Burma. Their attention to detail and understating of heavy earthmoving equipment make it easy to leave this sometimes complicated task in their capable hands. They decide on the type and size of lowbed required to haul your equipment, they consider the permits that are required and also the road route that needs to be taken to ensure that your machine reaches your site in optimal condition. Both Jaco and Lameeze come from a strong technical background and have mechanical qualifications.

Jaco says: “We are able to transport a range of equipment up to 28 tons, and with special permits we can go up to 34 tons as well as 60 tons and over, and we deliver all over the country. We also move other OEM’s equipment and gladly offer our services externally as well to companies who own their own equipment but don’t own the vehicles to move them around.

“We follow strict procedures and offer a professional service. We also provide updates via satellite and GPRS tracking so that you are able to track your shipment as we move.”

There is no job too big or too small for the Burma Logistics Team, so whether you are hiring one of our machines or just moving your own, call us and we will gladly help.

Mylene Paynter