Delivering Excellence


Business deals are seldom built on a hand shake nowadays. Times have indeed changed as many of the old “hand shake” deals that one could bank on in the years gone by were as good as any deal written on paper.

We too are now required to document deals to ensure that we protect the shareholder’s interests, however the paper alone does not deliver the goods in any deal. It is the people who we employ and the equipment that we own that help us to ensure that actions speak louder than words on paper.

We recently started two separate mining contracts, one from greenfield and the other a continuous site. The deadlines provided to establish the sites and start production were to say the least, optimistic. Having said this, our planning provided a solid foundation from which we could provide the necessary services and equipment to meet the expectations of our customers.

From the selection of the OEM supplier, the direct hands-on involvement of our dedicated executive team members and the delivery from our other sub-contracting suppliers, allowed BPH to achieve great success in the delivery of excellence.

Take nothing away from the rest of our team who put in the really hard work in selecting and training operators and preparing the machines for work. They seldom work in easy conditions and it is easy to throw in the towel. But this is never an option at BPH where we remain dedicated to serving each and every customer with excellence.

Mylene Paynter