The sky is the limit for Anele


Developing skills within a business empowers it to grow and strengthens the workforce. By identifying skills and further developing them, Burma Plant Hire and Mining can deliver on its Core Values to better serve their customers with quality and professionalism. In doing so, they can align with their vision to be the leading supplier of earthmoving equipment solutions.

Operator Anele Zondwayo’s optimistic and positive demeanour made him the perfect candidate to undergo further training to work as a facilitator for other operators under the guidance of his team manager.

Beginning his time as an ADT (Articulated Dump Truck) Operator at Burma Plant Hire & Mining in January 2014, Anele’s vocation has seen him driving large trucks on the mines of the Northern Cape. Being experienced in his field and now progressing his career into assessing and developing others in his trade is a big step and an unfamiliar environment to find himself in.


Farrell Manuel, Training Manager at Burma Plant Hire & Mining, had kept his eye on Anele for two years, monitoring him and assessing him during that period as part of his training requirement. “I saw a young man that was fresh and willing, and I wanted to improve and develop his abilities in the field.”

Under Farrell’s guidance, Anele felt confident in his capacity and ability to deliver and succeed as a trainer facilitator.

“I’ve always worked with other operators on the mine and enjoy helping people,” said Anele. “I thought that this new direction would be very challenging for me, but I am willing to learn. I especially feel reassured by learning from an experienced and humble person like Oom Tata.”

Prior to joining Burma, Anele was an experienced ADT Operator for over a decade. Taking great care in his approach to his work and the expensive equipment that he operates has honed him as a valuable asset for any team, and his rich ability to learn more is what Farrell noticed most about him.

Now in his second year, Anele has recently written his facilitator exam and assessor course as well, following which he has travelled to the sites to cross-train the operators to enable them to become more flexible in the field.

Beyond being able to operate just one machine, operators are now extending their capacity under Anele’s watchful guidance and learning how to operate other equipment too such as rollers, excavators and front-end loaders.

Feeding off the projects that he is involved with at work keeps Farrell satisfied, as he strives to make his team stronger and more equipped. “I too am learning every day,” he said. “I believe in an open-door policy with my team. It was a difficult time for the Northern Cape site to let Anele go as he was a valuable asset and they did not want to lose him. But now, he is in a position to go back to all the sites and further develop other operators to strengthen our resources with greater skills across a range of equipment.”

Anele adds: “I know I might be underestimating myself, but I never thought that one day I’d be sitting here in an office as an assessor. My father also worked on the mines in Rustenburg. Now I tell him that I am working as an assessor and teaching operators how to operate machines, some of them have never been in a machine before, and that I teach them from A to Z. They are very proud of me.

Managing Director Theuns Burger said, “Our people remain our greatest asset, so it makes sense investing in each and every one to support their specific responsibilities. Protecting the safety of our employees remains vital and one way in which we can achieve this is to train our operators at the highest level. Our dedicated training team work hard at assessing and renewing operator certification and we believe that this sets us apart from our competitors.”

“Out of 500 operators here at Burma, it is hard to believe that I have been chosen to be an assessor. I am very grateful to Burma for the opportunity and I will work hard at this,” said Anele.

Mylene Paynter