Making changes and moving forward


There is a common viewpoint that institutions, individuals and businesses alike uphold in their pursuit of success: without some changes and new ventures, there can be no growth, and without growth, one becomes stagnant. Stagnancy steals away any prospects of progression and development. The mindset of welcoming possible endeavours is necessary in order to reap prosperity in the workplace.

It is for this reason that the early months of each year are set aside as a time for new resolutions, new visions. The endless possibilities that a fresh year brings spurs on a multitude of ideas and projects; this unmarked canvas brings a hopefulness. Nothing ignites the drive to succeed quite like the thought of expansion or the beginning of new business.

This year brings Burma Plant Hire to the brink of significant change driven by a need for sustainability in challenging economic times and a diversification into new industries – the company is moving into a season of venturing into new markets, specifically the gold and coal mining industry.

“We are faced with constant challenges in life and business and our success is measured by how we respond to what lies in our path. Burma faces such challenges which include tough decisions, but also some new opportunities. We remain committed to making the best decisions for the business,” said Theuns Burger – Managing Director.

In the spirit of embracing fresh beginnings and opportunities for growth, Burma is in the midst of sourcing new contracts and projects specifically in the mining and industrial markets. While special attention will be placed on these areas, Burma’s existing profitable projects will continue to be invested in, ensuring the old and new co-exist.

“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Mylene Paynter