End to end earthmoving solutions


When we eat out in a smart restaurant we seldom, if ever, get to see how and where the ingredients for our amazing meal are bought, packed or delivered. Most times, we don’t even get to see the food being prepared. Our job is to sit back in a relaxed atmosphere and simply marvel at the food placed in front of us and then to devour it.

Earthmoving solutions can come close to this experience if you have the right partner.

At Burma Plant Hire, we go out of our way to plan, execute and produce a complete experience for our customers. By calling on us as specialists, we provide you the opportunity to focus your valuable time on the other pressing areas of your business.

The planning of any new site establishment comes with very specific focus on what the material or commodity is that we will be mining or managing for you. How much do you need removed, mined, transported or in some instances, even returned as part of rehabilitation.

We inspect the quality of roads, accessibility, the Mine and general safety rules and risks on the site. We send one of our highly trained and experienced product support specialists to confirm if the machines you have asked for will actually do the work as you expect. And then, we plot and plan the route our lowbed trucks will travel to safely deliver the equipment.

By the time the equipment reaches site, we locate the best operators we can to give life and motion to the equipment. We ensure that they are qualified and experienced to do the work. We manage them on site and provide support to keep them focused and satisfied as best we can.

One of the most critical aspects of providing a successful “end-to-end” earthmoving solution comes from our technical and mechanical team.

“It makes absolutely no sense at all sending a machine to site that has not been prepared and pre-checked in our workshops. All it does is frustrate the customer and break our promise,” says Stuart Larkin the Executive Technical Manager. “We take great pride in all our equipment and work hard to ensure that the age of the machine is not always a contributing factor to the condition of the machine. We often rebuild machines in house and return them to market as good as new!”

Chrisna Basson, Executive Sales and Operations, says: “Managing relationships is key to maintaining healthy open communication. As we are human, there may well be errors from time to time, but how they are dealt with and responded to in terms of time taken, as well as the speed at which they are resolved, is all critical to keeping our customer satisfied.”

The saying is that “it’s not over until the paperwork is done”. We do spend a fair amount of time initially with new customers getting the administration in order, but this allows our finance and administration team to get the invoicing spot on.

So, when it comes to looking for a premium earthmoving specialist let us provide you with a thorough end-to-end solution.

Mylene Paynter