The power of Team


Over the last eight months our leadership team has focused on redefining the customer within Burma Plant Hire. This has begun with the adoption of three powerful virtues, which for the foundation of the culture we solemnly believe, will differentiate us in the industry. It is these same virtues, we believe, that start at a personal level and infiltrate the business through the manner in which we react and respond to colleagues and challenges.

Patrick Lencioni in his book – The Ideal Team Player – describes the virtues which we have adopted: HUMBLE, HUNGRY and SMART. Without taking the essence away from reading the book, these virtues simply translate into being willing to allow others to take the credit for what we may have done, ensuring that we are passionately committed to every single task and challenge regardless, and finally that we smartly deal with our family, friends and colleagues in such a way that we show respect and care for one another.

Translating these virtues into the work place becomes much simpler once one has decided to live them out in one’s own life. A business with calmness and respect and without the need to be jostling for credit and recognition becomes a business which is capable of amazing achievements.

Our people are the most critical part of our business. They are the first point of contact and invariably have the power to leave the most long-lasting impact on customers. By training them and coaching them to live our core values and embrace these simple virtues, we believe they will in turn provide the same experience to customers throughout our business. This is what we believe to be THE POWER OF TEAM.

Thank you for your continued support and for the belief you have in Burma Plant Hire to provide you with the earthmoving equipment solutions you need.

Mylene Paynter